Make Peace 

  • Peace Pledge or Peace Manifesto:  Use Social Media like Facebook or Twitter to confront what you see.  You have to take a stand..  Write and maintain a statement on your beliefs to your social network or to your family, friends or class - and encourage others to do the same.  Then challenge those that you know to change, or address their own prejudices, beliefs, etc.  Your peace pledge can then start to inform others and perhaps illicit change.
  • Social Media Campaigns: Develop your own campaign via social media to continually engage in a discussion that will foster peace activism.  If you are particularly aware of an issue like sexism or racism, continually challenge your network to become aware of this and to change.  If you live in a part of the work where peace activism is needed (who doesn't?), then get going, and use the tools available to you.  Recognize that it is an ongoing process.
  • Sponsor a Peace FC Challenge:  If you have a good idea for a Peace FC Challenge, or if you want to combine your social network with ours, let's do a Peace FC Challenge together.
    • Social Media Contests - e.g. best Tweet or most re-Tweets of a particular message, or best Facebook post or most likes.
    • Photo Contests
    • Essay Contests
  • Peace FC Campaigns: Similarly, if you want to participate in a Peace FC Campaign, please do!  And activate your network to get involved, too.
    • Currently, Peace FC has a Campaign called Peace Signs on the Pitch, so get an entry in that - and learn more about it here